Hooked On Plants #PlantsForAWeek E-Book

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The ‘Hooked On Plants For a Week’ E-book is your vegan jumpstart handbook! All you need to go plant-based for a week is in here, with 30 simple recipes, a week of meals and a ton of nutrition questions answered. More info below…!


The Hooked On Plants  #PlantsForAWeek E-Book is finally here!

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This is your complete handbook to guide you through eating a plant-based diet for a week.

This E-Book is perfect for you if you:

  • are you ready to add more plants to your life, but not sure where to start
  • are attracted to or moving towards the vegan lifestyle
  • are ready for a detox for your body
  • are ready for a re-set for your digestion and your relationship with food
  • simply need more recipe inspiration

This is your new coach.

The Hooked On Plants E-Book includes:

  • Instant PDF download
  • Read on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Answers to the most asked questions about the vegan lifestyle
  • Why to go vegan
  • How to go vegan for a week
  • A ton of plant-based nutrition information
  • How to stock your kitchen
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 30 simple, whole food, plant-based recipes with photos
  • 1 week of meals planned out for you
  • Inspiring resources that changed my life

When you make the recipes tag @hookedonplants and #PlantsForAWeek so I can see your creations, and we can create a community to inspire each other!

6 reviews for Hooked On Plants #PlantsForAWeek E-Book

  1. 5 out of 5

    I found this E Book very helpful. I have been making changes to becoming more plant based, but I had questions and found lots of my answers in here. I like the week of meals because it’s not strict and you can play with it. And the recipes all sound amazing! I can’t wait to start this challenge to kick start me into my plant-based life change. Thank you hooked on plants! ❣️🌿🌱

  2. 5 out of 5

    Julia has created an incredible guide to getting started on a plant-based diet. She’s pragmatic and effective in educating the reader, and adds a dose of her personality which makes the reading fun and the transformation enjoyable! From stocking your fridge, to understanding the basics of protein nutrition, to knowing your supplementation needs, this book provides you everything you need!

  3. 5 out of 5

    WOW! I love Julia’s new book< Hooked on Plants" so much! There is so much information in this book, it is an excellent resource for anyone looking to implement healthy eating habits into their day to day. She's basically given you all her tried and tested secrets to healthy living and they are so simple – including how to stock your kitchen and the WHY behind plant-based nutrition and some of the most helpful plant-based supplements and even a weekly menu plan. And you don't need to be a strict vegan to enjoy this deliciousness! Not to mention the recipes are so incredibly delicious! This little ebook will help you kick start healthy habits in the kitchen for life! I'm stoked to add some of these to my own collection of go-to recipes!

    – Danielle Arsenault, raw food chef and educator, plant-based nutrition expert, cookbook author, founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education.

  4. 5 out of 5

    I have been ” hooked” on Jules Fuel superfood Cereals for a few years now, so I was very excited to receive my Hooked on Plants #PlantsforAWeek E-book! What a clever, fun and articulate summary of how to start a plant-based life style! If you are thinking about cleaning up your eating habits this E-book is the ultimate crash course! Thank you Julia and Hooked on Plants! I am inspired!
    Erin Holm, Nutritional Chef and cookbook author, author of LifeDiet and Delicious Meets Nutritious.

  5. 5 out of 5

    This book is a little piece of inspiration, love & care. I have been longing to eat a more vegan / vegetarian diet for a several years but felt overwhelmed about where to start. Growing up in a meat & potatoes family, simply going to the grocery store and trying to figure out what to buy caused me huge anxiety. Julia’s book is easy, fun, lighthearted and her knowledge & passion shines through. For the first time in over a year, I am cooking for myself, my appetite is back & my energy is increasing. This is the perfect way to transition into a love affair with plant based eating. Thank you Julia xo

  6. 0 out of 5

    Just browsed through it and wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your style of writing and the layout of the simple and to the point! Recipes also look easy and tasty! Finally, an ebook purchase I don’t regret, lol!!!

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