Complement Plus with B12 + Vitamin D + EPA/DHA

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For 10% off:

  • Head HERE and use the code ‘HOOKEDONPLANTS’ at the checkout

More info about this supplement made by vegans for vegans:

There are a few supplements I recommend everyone take whether you’re on a plant-based diet or not.

B12 + Vitamin D + Micro Algae EPA/DHA

Complement Plus, has all 3 of these essentials plus a few that you may be low in (Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, K2 and Magnesium)

I’m all in with everything Complement stands for.

It’s produced by Dr. Joel Kahn + dietician Dr. Pamela Fergusson.

For vegans, by vegans! Plus, it comes in a glass jar, and their whole food protein powder comes in a biodegradable bag.

 ~ Dr. Joel Kahn, MD – Preventative Cardiologist, Professor of Medicine, and Best-Selling Author
Where does it come from?
It’s naturally found in micro-organisms in soil, which is eaten by animals (aka the middle man), then consumed by humans in meat. But, the soil is becoming more depleted than ever, so now 90% of the B12 in the world is used in animal feed to fortify animals with this nutrient before humans eat them. You can also get it from fortified plant milks and cereals, or nutritional yeast. So, rather than eating the animal to get this nutrient, you can load up on the fortified plant foods, or easily take a supplement to ensure you’re supply is good! This goes for non-vegans as well.
Why do we need it? 
B12 keeps our body’s nerves and blood cells healthy. It helps make DNA, too! If you’re deficient in B12 you could experience tingly hands and feet, constipation, depression, poor memory, soreness of the mouth or tongue, or megaloblastic anemia.
Vitamin D3:
Where does it come from? 

You can get D from the sunshine! You need 10-15 minutes a day without sunscreen, with uncovered legs and arms. This isn’t always easy, especially if you live in a place with seasons. You can also get it from fatty fish (along with the toxins, mercury and other icky stuff found in fish fat), and egg yolks (along with the saturated fat and the action of supporting the industry that kills all male chicks and creates a horrible life for trillions of hens…). Plant sources are tofu, fortified plant milk, and mushrooms (especially if they were sitting in the sunshine before you ate them). You would have to eat a lot of these things daily to make sure you’re getting enough
Why do we need it? 
Vitamin D is vital when it comes to calcium absorption (aka, bone health). If you’re D deficient you could be more suseptable to depression, fatigue, muscle pain, hair loss and bone loss.


MicroAlgae EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids:
Where does it come from?

Our bodies can turn ALA omega 3 fatty acid (from ground up chia seeds or flax seeds) into EPA/DHA fatty acids, but we’re not very efficiently at doing this. EPA/DHA can be found in the the fat of fish because they eat micro algae (but because fish store everything in their fat, getting it this was also gives you mercury, contaminants and toxins from the ocean). The best source of this nutrient is getting it directly from micro algae (skip the middle man again, this time in the form of a fish). And the purest form is the micro algae grown in a lab to ensure it’s not contaminated (like the spray I’m now in love with below…)

Why do we need it?
Omega 3 fatty acids are essential when it comes to cardiovascular and heart health! They also play a huge role in preventing memory loss, depression, plus they help with eye health, bone health and inflammation.

These are 3 nutrients that our body needs a little help with. Whether you’re 100% vegan or not, it’s SUPER important that your body has optimal levels of these 3 nutrients for you to thrive.


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