Blueberry Cacao

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Blueberry Cacao Overnight Buckwheat Oats:
12 bags per case (72 servings!)


Oats*, buckwheat*, coconut sugar*, blueberries*, cacao nibs*.*Organic
A whole food, high-antioxidant, nutrient-dense, energizing concontion for you from a local Olympian, holistic nutritionist & plant-based chef.

Category: cereal


 How to:
Soak your serving (or multiple servings) in plant-based milk for at least 30 minutes (overnight is best).
Ratio of cereal to milk is 1:1. 
6 servings per bag (72 days worth of breakfast in one case!)
~ You can also cook it like normal oats, or pore hot water with a bit of plant-based milk over it if you’re in a rush!
~ Top it with fruit, coconut yogurt, nut butter, apple sauce and/or maple syrup!


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